Wedgeneering...? It could be defined as the art of maintaining and - perhaps - improving or modifying where appropriate (but please, not in the boy racer sense!) the TVR and Lotus 'wedges', without recourse to 'experts' or dealers. Wedge engineering, if you will. Money you save by doing jobs yourself will be better spent on petrol - and best of all, the information here is FREE! No need to buy particular publications or rely on some so-called or self-professed 'specialist'. These cars hark back to an era before computers and factory-sealed assemblies. They were built by real people, not production-line robots; chaps who wore flat caps and drank beer, women who smoked and went to bingo on Friday nights. If they could build them, you can repair and maintain them.

When many people talk of TVR or Lotus, the term 'kit car' gets bandied about. It's true: both companies did in their earlier years supply cars in kit form, but those days are a long time in the past (thanks to the EEC, a 1970s British government and their tax rules) so whilst both companies sourced components from mainstream makers right into the 21st Century, it's unfair to label the vast majority of their products as kit cars. They are however simple cars, a lot easier to work on than many modern vehicles and certainly easier than some people would have you believe. Whatever aspect of the car needs attention, you can bet that someone has 'been there' before you and probably found a solution to most issues. Most of the technical data you need for the TVR can be found in the workshop manuals for the Ford Cortina Mk4/5, Granada Mk2, Capri, the Rover SD1, the Triumph TR7 and the Jaguar XJ6 - and most of that information has found its way onto the internet too. The oily bits of the Lotus are a bit more specialised but even so the factory manual is easily found.

As well as the Wedges, this site also has a couple of pages given over to Honda's great 'Pan European' bikes - mostly the ST1300 as I owned an earlier 1100 briefly and apart from one service I didn't keep it long enough to get my hands dirty. Similar to the TVR wedge cars though, they're a bike that polarises opinions and you either 'get' them or you don't!

I hope you find something of use; if not then email me using and I'll see if I can help out!




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